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Neighbors Getting Active

Volunteer to be part of helping people eat fresh, healthy food.  

You’ll join our 300 volunteers in building a sustainable food-secure community.  


See below for a variety of ways to share your gifts and talents!

Volunteer opportunities are a great way for families and neighbors to work together.

 Helping Grow Nashua create a more reliable and just future one neighborhood at a time!

Read about some of the ways to volunteer and see application below to participate in building a more resilient food system and environment for our shared community.  

Ways to Volunteer

Lil' Free Farmstand Volunteers

We gather over 25,000 pounds each summer of extra veggies from home gardeners and farms to share back with families in need.


Variety of volunteer options:

  • Assist with excess produce collection from neighbors, local farms, and/or food bank.

  • Organize and sort vegetables for redistribution.

  • Pass out vegetables from the Lil' Free Veggie Truck in Nashua neighborhoods.

  • Pack bags for home deliveries.

  • Print, sort, and share recipes of the week.

  • Spread the word within the community.

  • Report back heartwarming stories.

Required:  Several of the options require a valid driver's license and/or a vehicle.

When: Volunteers welcome 7 days a week. 

Time of year: July thru October

Community Garden Volunteers

Our 7 Garden locations and the families that grow there require love throughout the season to be successful and bountiful.


Variety of volunteer options:

  • Provide care at a garden location.

  • Assist with everyday maintenance to keep the location looking tidy and welcoming.

  • Chat with families about their needs.

  • Sorting and passing out free seeds and seedlings to gardeners.

  • Share any gardening knowledge you have.

  • Help gardeners connect with our resources to have a successful harvest.

  • Fixing broken items.

  • Answer passerbys questions about joining in on the fun.

Perfect for:  Individuals, couples, families

When: Volunteers welcome 7 days a week


Timeframe: April thru September

School Garden Volunteers

School gardens provide weekly lessons to 4th and 5th graders. School gardens build kids’ food literacy through garden activities that investigate the garden space and plant seeds. Students tend to the plants and taste what the garden has to offer.  


Variety of activities available:

  • Prepare materials for student lessons.

  • Work alongside Grow Nashua educators to teach lessons in the gardens.

  • Print, sort, and share recipes of the week.

  • Pack take home learning & cooking kits.

  • Participate in cooking sessions.

Required:  Several options include working with students, so a friendly & welcoming disposition is helpful :)

When: Weekdays, typically between 8:00 - 2:30  

Time of year: School calendar year Sept - June

Office Assistance Volunteers

Grow Nashua's outreach programs reach over 5,000 neighbors each year.  A lot goes on behind the scenes that we could use an extra hand with!

Variety of activities available:

  • Researching community resources to share with families in need.

  • Social media support.

  • Assembling take home kits.

  • Assisting with mailers.

  • Computer projects.

  • Newsletter input

  • Assist with gathering testimonials and heartwarming stories.

Required:  A willingness to be flexible, give it your best, and learn along the way!

When: Volunteers welcome 7 days a week on site and remote opportunities.

Time of year: All year long.

 If you're interested in volunteering, fill out the volunteer application below.

You'll hear back from us ASAP.

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